Agra and its vibrant culture

Agra and its vibrant culture

Interesting cooking session with indigenous people

Understanding food habit is the best way to understand culture of any society. So let’s dig deep into methods to make authentic north-Indian cuisine and recognize the ingredients that go into making a lip-smacking meal for a family in Agra. You can buy spices and condiments as you walk the local marketplaces. You can also join a local family in their kitchen and cook together a hearty and royal Mughlai meal. Let’s get high on the fragrance of the freshly crushed spices. I am sure that the flavour of this meal will be hard to forget.

Watch the Shah Jahan-Mumtaz story

There is no doubt in it that Agra is known all over the world for the amazingly charismatic monument Taj Mahal. In any case you cannot avoid the reference of this monument when you discuss Agra trip. Since we are mesmerized with Taj’s beauty it is inevitable to witness the spellbinding story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. You are welcome to the ‘Mohabbat the Taj Show’ in a theater which is truly world class. You can enjoy the royal lifestyle of Mughals to all the drama of the love story of the emperor and the queen. Magnificent light and sound show at the Taj replica is a yet another visual feast.

Visit to a tribal village

Tribal culture is so interesting that anybody would love to know about it. The history related to these people is truly fascinating. That’s why a short trip to the Korai village should not be missed while we are in Agra. The famous tribal village is home to the Kalandhar tribe who are a small community of bear tamers. You can visit the ethnic huts of the locals and study their interesting culture. The experience is very interesting

Feel the Taj Mahal at Marble Inlay Workshop

So you have heard a lot about how the Taj Mahal was created. How it took 20000 skilled as well as non- skilled workers to build the architectural marvel in 22 years which eventually became the epitome of love. Now get a glimpse of the dexterity, sheer hard-work, and perseverance that went into crafting this masterpiece by being a part of a marble inlay workshop. It showcases the Mughal art and heritage as you watch veteran artisans carving elaborate designs on semi-precious stones and marble. And yes, don’t forget to pick one Taj Mahal replica as a souvenir piece for yourself.

Indulge in a sumptuous gastronomic trip

No excursion is complete without tickling the taste buds and a visit to Agra is no exception. Discover some of the tastiest delights of the city by taking a food walk. Know city’s most popular foodie havens as you take a trip to the famous chat gali, a destination full of sizzling and spicy delights. You can enjoy a wide range of Indian savories, burger with a desi touch, crispy kachori or a mouthwatering samosa. The food walk is incomplete without tasting the globally renowned sweet delight known as Petha – a syrupy delicacy made from pumpkin and sugar. Ask locals about famous shops which sell authentic petha and buy for your loved ones.

Shopping at antique Marketplace

Last but not the least, feel the joy of buying lovely merchandise at local bazaar at some of the most iconic markets in Agra. You can pick-up delicate zardozi embroideries and jewelry at the famous Kinari Bazaar or chose genuine leather goods and handicraft at Sadar Bazar. You are also welcome to deeply understand the nuances of authentic Mughlai cuisine with spice shopping at Daresi Bazaar. Take small foodie stopovers while you shop for your desired stuff.

So, book a cab convenient at Agra trips and see the Taj Mahal. Along with that spare some time for a very intriguing cultural tour. You will never regret that decision. Happy tours!

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