Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it necessary to register on Aonetrips.com to book a car?

2. What type of cars Aone Trips can provide?

3. What Types of Services Aone Trips provide? (Local, transfer and outstation car rental?)

4. What is the rental structure for local, transfer and outstation car rental?

5. What is the mode of payment? Can I use cash on delivery?

6. Do I get any discount/coupon benefits while booking a car from Aonetrips.com?

7: Can I book a car for someone else on Aonetrips.com with my debit/credit card?

8: Is it totally safe to use my credit/debit card on Aone Trips website? Do you store my card number and details?

9: How do I know that car booking is confirmed?

10: What if the car doesn't show up after confirmed booking?

11. What if the car reaches to me late?

12. Can I cancel a booking made on Aonetrips.com?

13. What are the cancellation charges?

14. What happens if I need a change in itinerary during my trip?

15. What are the cities of operation of Aone Trips?

16. How to download Aonetrips.com App on my mobile phone?